A one stop destination for all Right to Information (RTI) matters
A one stop destination for all Right to Information (RTI) matters

Proof of payment made by IOCL against certain invoices raised by Supreme Advertising was sought - CIC: Appellant is seeking information in his individual capacity which is of commercial nature between IOCL and SAPL; Exempt u/s 8(1)(d) read with 8(1)(j)     Right to Information Act 2005    CIC: There is a delay in giving complete information - CIC: The respondent has tendered his unconditional apology for delay in giving reply to the appellant - CIC issued a strict warning to the PIO to be careful in future and dropped the show cause notice     Right to Information Act 2005    CIC heard 10 appeals against Tata Institute of Fundamental Research - CIC: It is a glaring example of misuse of the RTI mechanism where a never ending process of seeking information is resorted to by manufacturing a series of queries based on the response     Right to Information Act 2005    Appellant sought the norms to set up a retail outlet (Petrol pump) in a village & whether 3 retail outlets can be set in a village etc. - PIO: Feasibility Report is an internal assessment which is of commercial confidence - CIC: Denial u/s 8(1)(d) upheld     Right to Information Act 2005    Information regarding invoking the SARFAESI Act for realising the secured assets by Repco bank and the outcome of 187 Cases, which were referred for Arbitration by the Repco Bank Limited, between 2009-2019 - CIC: The PIO to justify denial of information     Right to Information Act 2005    CIC: Some queries of the appellant are in the nature of seeking explanation/opinion/advice from the PIO viz. “Whether the updated accounts of HAL PF Trust are submitted to the EPFO, etc”; PIO cannot first analyze the documents and then provide information     Right to Information Act 2005    Vijai Sharma and K V Chowdary appointed as CIC and CVC respectively     Right to Information Act 2005    Is the Mysore Police Commissioner’s office coming up without plan approval?     Right to Information Act 2005    No action taken against the illegal massage parlours or spas in Goa     Right to Information Act 2005    Are there norms about the fee a school should charge and the facilities it offers?     Right to Information Act 2005    There is only 1 primary health centre per 28 villages of UP     Right to Information Act 2005    Services of all OSDs / Consultants terminated by Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai     Right to Information Act 2005    The PM-KISAN Yojana require the proactive disclosure of the list of beneficiaries in every gram panchayat     Right to Information Act 2005    PM-KISAN beneficiary data gives opportunity to examine the situation of farmers     Right to Information Act 2005    HC: Penalty proceedings u/s 20 for non compliance of the order passed by the SIC     Right to Information Act 2005   

Case Laws

March 18, 2021
Photocopy of certain Army HQ letters were sought - PIO submitted that as per their policy, the letters were destroyed under the provisions of Record Retention Schedule 2012 - Appellant: Reply by IHQ is contradictory - CIC: There was no malafide intent...more>>
March 16, 2021
Information regarding cutting of trees due to Dhaula Kuan Airport corridor - CIC severely admonished the Respondent public authority for providing delayed information and issued a warning for future - Explanation of PIO called for absence during hearing...more>>

March 14, 2021
RTI application was filed by Shri Shankar Khalid, Director for Shivani Flexipack Ltd - CIC: There is nothing on record to show that the RTI and second appeal was filed by a ‘citizen’ as per Sec 3 of the RTI Act; RTI application/appeal is not tenable ...more>>
March 12, 2021
Respondent denied information under Rule 22(4) of Cinematograph (Certification) Rule, 1983 - CIC referred to Section 22 of RTI Act - CIC: It was the duty of the PIO to either provide the information or deny it under appropriate exemption clause of RTI Act...more>>

March 10, 2021
PIO: Information included those regarding interaction with the legal Advisors which is exempt u/s 8(1)(e) read with Sec.11 - CIC: PIO to show cause as to why penalty u/s 20 (1) may not be imposed for not giving proper reply & for not attending the hearing...more>>
March 8, 2021
Monthly salary paid to husband and related information was denied claiming that DRDO is exempt u/s 24 (1) - CIC: Nothing contained in the RTI Act shall apply to the DRDO except for cases where human rights violation and/or corruption are alleged...more>>


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