A one stop destination for all Right to Information (RTI) matters
A one stop destination for all Right to Information (RTI) matters

CIC: Initially the information was denied by PIO stating that the information sought does not involve any public interest - CIC upheld the reply of FAA that since the points raised are interrogative in nature, information cannot be provided; PIO cautioned     Right to Information Act 2005    Information about the new Village Level Entrepreneur - CIC: PIO should not have kept the RTI applications pending for more than a year - CIC cautions the PIO to be careful in future; Directed to send a suitable reply to the appellant explaining the delay     Right to Information Act 2005    Details of the employees appointed through Open Recruitment by submitting NOC during the period from 2006 to 2016 was sought - CIC: Appellant has sought information relating to many third parties and has failed to substantiate any larger public interest     Right to Information Act 2005    Appellant: Information such as Appointments, Postings, Promotions etc. relate to public activity - PIO submitted a revised reply addressing the appellant’s contentions in her second appeal which she claimed to have not received - CIC: e-mail the letter     Right to Information Act 2005    CIC: Final results of promotion of selected employees i.e. final marks secured of selected candidates should have been published for the sake of transparency and accountability; Appellant was entitled to know the status of petition regarding low APAR mark     Right to Information Act 2005    CIC: No reply has been provided by the then CPIO within the time frame as envisaged under the RTI Act and also no substantial explanation for such delay was tendered by the present CPIO during the hearing; SCN issued for imposing penalty under RTI Act     Right to Information Act 2005    Vijai Sharma and K V Chowdary appointed as CIC and CVC respectively     Right to Information Act 2005    Is the Mysore Police Commissioner’s office coming up without plan approval?     Right to Information Act 2005    No action taken against the illegal massage parlours or spas in Goa     Right to Information Act 2005    Are there norms about the fee a school should charge and the facilities it offers?     Right to Information Act 2005    There is only 1 primary health centre per 28 villages of UP     Right to Information Act 2005    Services of all OSDs / Consultants terminated by Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai     Right to Information Act 2005    Impact of the Digital Personal Data Protection Bill, 2022 on the RTI Act, 2005     Right to Information Act 2005    Rule 12 of RTI (Subordinate Courts & Tribunals) Rules is not inconsistent with Article 19(1)(a) and the provisions of the RTI Act     Right to Information Act 2005    Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) focuses primarily on protecting workers in the workplace     Right to Information Act 2005   

Case Laws

November 3, 2022
Information with reference to Show Cause Notice was denied u/s 8(1)(d) to the Director of the firm - PIO did not appear before the bench for hearing - Request for adjournment rejected - CIC: Denial of info rejected as being irrelevant and unsubstantiated...more>>
October 31, 2022
Appellant insisted on knowing reasons, answers, justifications for implementation of FTII CPF Scheme without the approval of the competent authority and against alleged illegal appointments made in FTII - CIC: Appellant may acquaint himself with RTI Act...more>>

October 28, 2022
Appellant filed numerous complaints regarding defects of his allotted flat; Sought details of all complaints filed by him - CPWD: Details can be accessed on their website - CIC expressed severe displeasure over the conduct of PIO & issued SCN for penalty...more>>
October 25, 2022
Permission to visit to CBI office - PIO: Appellant has wanted an answer in Yes or No terms which is not as per the provisions of the RTI Act; OM dtd 11.09.2012 is about official tours for the JS & above rank - CIC: Application does not conform to Sec 2(f)...more>>

October 22, 2022
Honorarium paid to Chairman and each member of the Bar council - Appellant stated that he has not received any reply to the RTI Application till date - PIO: reply was provided to the Appellant and agreed to resend the same if the Commission so directs...more>>
October 19, 2022
Advertisement for the post of AO published the newspaper - CIC rejected the request of the Rep. of the Appellant as no prior intimation for the adjournment was received and no tenable cause was stated for the same - PIO warned to exercise due diligence...more>>


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I am a victim of Kakinada SEZ of Andhra Pradesh
August 20, 2022
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July 27, 2022
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Marks obtained by any of the candidates in the different levels of examination
July 21, 2022
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